Volunteer Departments

Engage with past and future convention attendees in a way that redefines the convention experience

Responsibilities include greeting, handing out convention bulletin, ensuring ticketed people have seating, helping with offering, organizing overflow area.


Team works to spread the word and invite to the convention Romanian groups in the LA area, especially local churches not associated with Romanian Pentecostal Convention.


Daycare only provided for kids ages 1-4 (2 rooms set up for up to 20 kids, 4 volunteers for each service = 16 volunteers)

Kids ages 5-11 will have special kids oriented services for which we need 14 volunteers each services.

Services include fun bible lessons, skits,  worship, activities, prizes etc.

Volunteers aged 13-16 are encouraged to apply but will have to fill out a volunteer form and meet with coordinator.


This team will organize the youth-night (usually Saturday night) and be involved in planning activities for youth during the convention.  

For example: Colorado Blvd outings, ice skating at convention center, picnic activities focused on youth.


Mainly responsible for setting up specific seminars, inviting speakers and organizing events on Saturday morning.

  • can include women’s and men’s coffee
  • an organized outings, hiking trips, etc
  • men’s/women’s coffee
  • Counseling on specific men’s/women’s issues


Mainly responsible for setting up specific seminars, inviting speakers and organizing events on Saturday morning.

  • can include women’s and men’s coffee
  • an organized outings, hiking trips, etc
  • men’s/women’s coffee
  • Counseling on specific men’s/women’s issues


Organizes the annual age-specific Bible contest.

Works with Marketing team to ensure all contestants understand topic and communicate topic to pastors / churches in US & Canada.

Designs the testing and grading system and acts as the proctor for the competition to ensure fairness, etc.

Purchases winning prizes and announces winners publicly at Convention.


In partnership with people holding seminars, secures rooms for seminars from convention center, ensures tech needed to hold seminars is in working order.  

Oversees seminar registration process.

Works together with Communications and Marketing to make sure all seminars are communicated to the public.


Band, Orchestra and Choir


With venue team, coordinates stage equipment, sound mixing, acoustics, helps set up instruments, perform sound check, ensures technical requirements for each performer and communicates that to venue engineering running the sound board.


  • Creates content for social media
  • Photography (including uploading images to site live)
  • Podcast, recording audio interviews from the event and publishes on soundcloud, iTunes, etc.
  • Coordinates with CredoTV
  • Shoots / edits on-site convention video highlights



Creates and maintains Convention’s website


Concierge table set-up with iPad where attendees can ask about local options for dining, etc.

Passing out any coupons we can negotiate with local retailers/restaurants


Teams will carry gear and teams will not change for duration of convention just alternate inside / outside.


Responsible for marketing and communications strategies including:

  1. Collecting a databank of emails and cell phones of attendees
  2. Pre-event communications
    • Digital (social media posts, email marketing etc)
    • Print (banners, postcards, etc)
  3. During event
    • Creating and communicating with public through an event app, posting announcements, etc.
  4. Post event
    • Turning over all marketing assets to Houston team planning 2019 convention


Fundraising for the convention, works with local businesses who wish to advertise their business in convention bulletin.


Manages exhibitors/vendors registry, establishes process for clearing and approving vendors to sell merchandise (only non-food items) at convention according to established policies.

Coordinates the orderly set up and tear down of vendor tables.


Team responsible for designing thematic stage decor based on established branding, set-up and tear-down, including banners (collaborates with in-house stage managers and music director).


Works with marketing to design, pre-order and sell memorabilia at convention.


Licensed medical professional on call in case of emergency (MDs, RNs, FNPs, PAs, etc).

Administers first aid / CPR if needed.

On-scene to coordinate with ER response units should they be called.


Assisting people with disabilities or special needs particularly with getting in and out of the venue or going to conferences.

Works with ushers to make sure wheelchair bound attendees are placed in a safe exit area.


Transporting the elderly from your local church to convention venue.

In conjunction with media, manages the distribution of the LISTEN tech translating system (via smartphone or standalone transmitter)

Translates from English – Romanian and vice-versa.


Catered by Westin Hotel, this team is responsible for setting up menu and coordinating with venue to accommodate 400+ pastors and their wives.


Volunteers to manage stations, to prepare and cook BBQ-style food and volunteers to organize layout for activities in park.