Event Details and FAQs

August 31 - September 3, 2018

Basic Information

Admission $45

Translations English, Romanian

Registration Fri/Sat 5:00PM Sun: 8:30AM/4:00PM

Doors open Fri: 5:00PM Sat: 5:30 Sun: 9:00AM/4:30PM

Event begins Fri: 7:00PM Sat: 6:00PM Sun: 9:30AM/5:00PM

Event ends Fri: 9:30PM Sat: 9:00PM Sun: 12:30AM/8:30PM

Picnic begins Mon: 10:00AM

Venue Information

Frequently asked questions

General information

How much does the Convention cost to attend?

The cost to attend the Convention is $45 for the entire weekend.
Children 12 and under get free admission to the main Convention with a paid adult ticket.
The admission cost for Children Convention is $10 per child for the entire weekend.

Where the Convention will take place?

How do I get tickets?

You can get tickets online here or before each service. See the convention schedule for registration details and location; seating is first-come, first-served.

Can I watch the event online?

The Convention services will be streamed lived at ropenti50.com/live.

The services are transmitted live by Credo TV.

At the venue

Can I reserve or save seats?

No. Seating is first-come, first-served.

Will restrooms be available prior to doors opening?

Yes, restrooms will be available in the Ballroom Lobby.

Can I bring food or drinks into the Convention?

Food or drinks are NOT allowed by the venue.

What is Children's Convention?

Children will be blessed with live worship, biblical teaching and various activities while you enjoy the main service. This will take place during all the convention services.

Children’s Convention is provided for children ages 4–10. There will be a cost of $10 per child for the entire week-end. If you pay for 2 children the 3rd is free.

For more info check the Children’s Convention page.

Where is the Family Lounge and Nursery?

Room 214 in the Conference Center have been designated for parents with infants and toddlers.

Is there special-needs seating?

Yes. Special-needs and wheelchair seating is available on the First Level. Please ask an usher or staff member to direct you when you enter the Convention. You can also contact the Mobility Aids team at mobility.aids@ropenti50.com.

Which language translations will be available?

Translation will be available in Romanian and English.

Translation will be provided only through Audio Everywhere® app.
Three easy steps:
1. Download ahead of time the Audio Everywhere app from the App Store or Google Play.
2. Join the Wi-Fi network associated with the Venue Server (will be provided at the time of event).
3. Launch the app, select channel to stream, enjoy!

Data plan is not required for this audio streaming.

Bring your own headphones.



For any questions related to translation please contact us at translation@ropenti50.com

Which musicians will be performing?

United Worship Team
United Choir & Orchestra
United Symphonic Band
United Orchestra

Check the Convention Schedule for more details.


Are there hotels with special rates?

For more details about the hotels with special rates go to the Hotels page.

Is there bus transportation?

Transportation/vanpool is offered for elderly only. The van is leaving every day from Emanuel Church.

For more information contact George Dejeu at (909) 952-4660 or by email at transportation@ropenti50.com.

Is there parking available?

Parking is available in the parking lots near the venue. Rates are between $6 and $18 per day. 


After venue

Where is the picnic?

On September 3rd, from 10:00AM you are invited to a picnic at the park. There will be food, sports and awesome fellowship. Remember to keep your bracelet from registration on.

The cost for parking as set by the park is $8 per vehicle and must be paid in CASH only.

Park Address and Directions

El Dorado East Regional Park, Long Beach, CA
Area: Golden Grove (GG)
Park entrance fee: $8 per vehicle. CASH ONLY.

Park Directions
Park Info
Park Map

Who are the speakers each day?

Friday, August 31

Dr. Lazăr Gog

Pastor, Profesor ITP

    Dr. Ioan Szasz

    Pastor, Profesor

      Vasile Cînpean

      Pastor, Președinte Alianța Română

        Saturday, September 1

        Florin T. Cimpean

        Pastor, Președinte Consiliul Român COG

          Eddie Sfrengeu

          Pastor Tineret

            Dr. Ioan Brie

            Pastor, Rector ITP, Profesor

              Sunday Morning, September 2

              Dr. Ovidiu D. Druhora

              Pastor, Profesor

                Acad. Prof. Dr. Ioan-Aurel Pop

                Președinte al Academiei Române, Rector UBB

                  Dr. Leonard Semenea

                  Pastor, Evanghelist

                    Luigi Mițoi

                    Pastor, Profesor

                      Sunday Evening, September 2

                      Dr. Lazăr Gog

                      Pastor, Profesor ITP

                        Cornel Avram

                        Pastor, Președinte al Uniunii Bisericilor Penticostale Romane

                          Florin T. Cimpean

                          Pastor, Președinte Consiliul Român COG

                            Dr. Tim Hill

                            General Overseer Church of God, Cleveland TN

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