The 50th Romanian Pentecostal Convention

Three days of breakthrough speeches and workshops, about the one Body of Christ in the fragmented world of the 21st century.

Speaking to the World with One Christian Voice

We live in times of broken promises and of collapsing social structures. In the Western hemisphere, traditional families experience their highest rates of divorce. Across the North America, local communities are bitterly split along party lines and ideological divisions. The bond between other political entities, such as the European Union and Great Britain, is very weak. Old friendships and geo-political alliances are crumbling. As a result, people are hungry for (some) good news.

Because of this, the world (still) continues to be a very dangerous place and Christianity remains the most persecuted religion on the planet. The rulers of this world simply cannot bring about the fruits of the heavenly Kingdom. It is in this very challenging context, that the Body of Christ is called to speak with one voice, and to proclaim God’s love towards humanity.
In fighting the Goliath, the young shepherd David used one stone, employed one sling, had one target, and professed one faith. The Church must rediscover this sense of unity and oneness of purpose.

The Goals of the Convention

We’re preparing the legacy of tomorrow by the actions we carry out today. Fifty years after the establishment of the first Pentecostal mission for the Romanian diaspora in North America, we gather together to set new goals, to forge new alliances, and to build new evangelical outposts for the next hundred years. In the 21st century, the people of God will face challenges and opportunities, which the previous generations have never encountered.

Call to Action

This Convention has identified three specific topics of conversation:

  • Unity in Christian families
  • Unity between reason and faith
  • Unity between Romania and Diaspora
What we will do

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About Ventcamp conference

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Meet the Convention’s speakers

Dr. Lazar Gog

Pastor, Professor ITP

Lazar Gog is the founding pastor of the Romanian Penticostal Emanuel Church in Anaheim, CA and professor at the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest since 1992

    Dr. Ovidiu D. Druhora

    Pastor, Professor

    Ovidiu Druhora is an associate pastor of the Emanuel Romanian Church of God, Anaheim, CA. He is a visiting professor at universities in the USA and Romania and a founding member and professor at the Ekklesia Bible College

      Vasile Cinpean

      Pastor, President Romanian Alliance

      Vasile Cinpean is the pastor of the Philadelphia Church in Portland, Oregon since 2011 and is the President of the Romanian Alliance Assemblies of God

        Dr. Ioan Szasz

        Pastor, Professor

        Ioan Szasz is the founder and pastor of the Romanian Christian Fellowship Church of God, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and also professor at the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest

          Eddie Sfrengeu

          Youth Pastor

          Eddie Sfrengeu is the West Coast Youth Director for the Romanian Territory Office in the Church of God, having served in youth ministry for over 15 years

            Dr. Leonard Semenea

            Pastor, Evangelist

            Leonard Semenea is a pastor, evangelist and teacher. He serves on the pastoral team at First Romanian Pentecostal Church in Kenmore, Washington

              Luigi Mitoi

              Pastor, Professor

              Luigi Mitoi is the pastor of the Bethany Church in Niles, Illinois, church founded in 1985. He is a professor of theology at Sola Scriptura College and he graduated the Pentecostal Theological Institute in 1996

                Cornel Avram

                Pastor, President of the Romanian Pentecostal Union

                Cornel Avram is the Senior Pastor of Happy Valley Pentecostal Church in Phoenix, Arizona and the President of the Romanian Pentecostal Union USA and Canada

                  Florin T. Cimpean

                  Pastor, President COG Romanian Council

                  Florin T. Cimpean is the pastor of Philadelphia Romanian Church of God in Chicago since 2001 and serves as Chairman of the Church of God Romanian Council, the President of Discover Your Mission Inc. and Chancellor of Sola Scriptura College and Seminary

                    Special Guest Speakers

                    Dr. Ioan Brie

                    Pastor, Rector ITP, Professor

                    Ioan Brie is the rector of the Pentecostal Theological Institute in Bucharest and the pastor of the Emanuel Pentecostal Church in Sibiu

                      Acad. Prof. Dr. Ioan-Aurel Pop

                      President of the Romanian Academy, Rector UBB

                      Ioan-Aurel Pop is the president of the Romanian Academy and the rector of the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. Historian and professor at the Faculty of Linguistics and Philosophy, he is the author and co-author of over 60 books, treatises and textbooks, and over five hundred studies and art

                        Dr. Tim Hill

                        General Overseer Church of God, Cleveland TN

                        Timothy M. Hill is General Overseer for the Church of God, leading the ministries of approximately 7.4 million members in 184 countries and territories worldwide


                          Convention Schedule per days and locations

                          OPENING: Dr. Lazăr Gog

                          SERMON: Pastor Vasile Cinpan

                          SERMON: Dr. Ioan Szasz

                          WORSHIP: United Worship Team

                          CHOIR: United Choir & Orchestra

                          BAND: United Symphonic Band

                          ORCHESTRA: United Orchestra

                          6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
                          Service II

                          OPENING: Bishop Florin Cîmpean

                          SERMON: Dr. Ioan Brie

                          SERMON: Eddie Sfrengeu

                          WORSHIP: United Worship Team

                          CHOIR: United Choir & Orchestra

                          BAND: United Symphonic Band

                          ORCHESTRA: United Orchestra

                          9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
                          Service III

                          OPENING: Dr. Dorin Druhora

                          SPECIAL MESSAGE: Dr. Ioan-Aurel Pop (President of the Romanian Academy)

                          SERMON: Dr. Leonard Semenea

                          SERMON: Pastor Luigi Mitoi

                          NATIONAL ANTHEMS: United Orchestra

                          CHILDREN’S CHOIR: United Children’s Choir

                          PECIAL MUSIC: Maestro Emy Dragoi

                          WORSHIP: United Worship Team

                          CHOIR: United Choir & Orchestra

                          BAND: United Symphonic Band

                          ORCHESTRA: United Orchestra

                          05:00 PM - 8:30 PM
                          Service IV

                          OPENING: Dr. Lazăr Gog

                          MESSAGE: Rev. Cornel Avram

                          SERMON: Bishop Florin Cîmpean

                          SERMON: Bishop Dr. Tim Hill

                          ALTER CALL WORSHIP: United Worship Team

                          CHOIR: United Choir & Orchestra

                          BAND: United Symphonic Band

                          ORCHESTRA: United Orchestra

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